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OBJECTIVE: The primary objective for the University of Mississippi Strength and Conditioning program is to help each athlete be the best they can be. In order to reach this goal, there are several components that must be addressed. There are general needs such as speed, power, agility and strength that must be met for each athlete. But in further development, functional training is used to meet the athletes specific needs based on their sport and position. Lastly, the intellectual component helps the athlete prepare mentally for the demands that will be placed on them during competition.

Ole Miss athletes use a wide variety of training methods, from Olympic-style lifting, to high intensity machine training, to the use of chains, tires and sandbags, all combining together to help each athlete be their best.

There are no greater facilities at which to train athletes than the majestic Indoor Practice Facility. When entering the IPF's 10,000-square-foot weight room, the Ole Miss players are quickly reminded of the championship philosophy that head football strength coach Don Decker and the Rebel staff set forth. The facility, which is entering its fifth year of existence, is enhanced with visual messages and houses state-of-the-art training equipment. Besides the hundreds of weights, the room also contains a variety of Hammer Strength machines, numerous Life Fitness cardiovascular machines and a fully-stocked nutrition counter.

With the IPF's full-sized indoor practice field, the Rebels' extensive workouts touch on every area of fitness and conditioning and prepare their bodies fully for intense SEC battles.

As a staff we are always trying to improve our program to give our student-athletes an edge in performance. WE'RE EITHER GETTING BETTER OR GETTING WORSE, WE NEVER STAY THE SAME.