Home Sweet Home

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Well my first road trip with the women's golf team is in the books.  We pulled into the golf course at around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday after a six and a half hour drive back from Knoxville, safe and sound and ready for our own beds!

Coach J and I manned the front seat while the team was in the back. After the requisite stop at Cook Out for milkshakes, we hit the road for our journey back.

True to form, the ride included a very spirited jam out session with ... wait for it, wait for it ... country tunes (I know, who would have thought this team liked country:) and there was also some spirited  conversation surrounding emoji's.

We also watched 27 Dresses, one of my favorite movies, made even more entertaining with the commentary from Taelor Rubin and Stani Schiavone, just in case anyone was wondering you CAN'T MARRY ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW.  I tend to think movies and music make road trips and both were spot on with this group.

So my very first Ole Miss women's golf trip is in the books and it was an experience that I won't soon forget.  From getting to know the coaches and players in a different way, to meeting parents and families (shout outs to Mrs. Hovatter, the Rubins, Mr. Schiavone, Mrs. Drinkard and Joe and former Rebel golfer Alyssa Randolph, who were cheering the Rebels throughout the weekend ) this was a definitely a top-five trip. A BIG thanks to Coach Drinkard for inviting me along and being so welcoming.

I can't wait for my next adventure with this group!

Until next trip,

1 Heart, 1 Goal

Jess Poole

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