Rain, Rain Go Away We Want (ed) To Play Golf

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Weather, can't live with it can't live without it and today was a prime example of that. All week we've been watching this weather pattern that was going to bring us some rain today. On Monday it was 65-75 percent chance of downpour and last night that jumped to 80 percent so right now, we're in the van and it's raining ... HARD!

Golf is a sport in which you play in the elements and it can actually really change your game plan. Wet greens, fairways ... water everywhere. Then add on top of that you have to wear rain gear which is more gear on top of carrying your bag ... yeah; weather can change a lot in golf.

Speaking of rain gear ... this SID is always prepared for weather. (I was a Girl Scout, and being prepared was VERY important) I keep extra shoes, socks, rain gear, umbrellas, everything in my car. You'll never catch me without the appropriate gear for any type of weather -- until today. I forgot everything, I mean everything.  It's all back in Oxford sitting in my car at the golf course. Luckily, I brought lots of socks and change of clothes and I got my first piece of women's golf gear ... a weatherproof hat! (Thanks Coach Drinkard)

So we've spent some time in the van this morning and here are some of the gems from our time in the Sprinter:

"We may be Landsharks but we thrive in water" - Alison Hovatter

 "I passed a level" followed by "I need a life" - EVERYONE, playing Candy Crush

 Number of Rain Songs we listened to in the delay: TOO MANY TO COUNT (Apparently rain is a theme in country music, who knew!)

So finally at Noon, today's round was cancelled. We loaded the Sprinter back up and went back to the hotel where we were greeted by Rebel fans, ok so it was our families but they really are most important fans anyways.

Speaking of fans, and support, I will say this team's support is second to none! Lots of fans have read this blog, liked our pictures on Facebook and Twitter and have just been amazing supporters of Rebel Women's Golf. It's been super fun to be a part of all this.

When on any road trip the best part, I think, is team dinners with parents and families included. You find out lots of good stuff at these dinners and tonight's dinner at Carraba's was no exception.

Needless to say, we laughed A LOT. We talked about Coach Drinkard's "classic baby picture", Mr. Rubin and Mr. Shiavone gave me a little grief for being a Lions fan (I've gotta rep the hometown team) and we talked about Alison Hovatter's LOVE of all things involving head football coach Hugh Freeze. Pretty sure she can recite the Egg Bowl speech word-for-word. That my friends, is Rebel Pride!

Sidenote: Micah Ginn and the Ole Miss video productions team, if you are reading this, we need to do an episode of "The Season" with the women's golf team. This group would make GOOD TV. All you need to do is come on a trip with us and you'll have PLENTY, trust me! #JustSayin

I'm going to close tonight's blog with this little gem:

"I just got a banana to the face" - Joe

See you on the course tomorrow, looking forward to hearing lots of Hotty Toddy's!

1 Heart, 1 Goal

Jess Poole

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