Chadwick Countdown #34

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As we are all aware, Ole Miss legendary tennis coach Billy Chadwick will retire at season's end.  Throughout his career, Ole Miss fans have witnessed many memorable moments on and off the courts.   

Chadwick has been coaching at Ole Miss for what will be 35 years and, as a tribute, we are going to reflect and try to highlight the 35 top moments of Chadwick's tenure.  For a coach that has accumulated over 600 wins during his career, picking out only 35 is no small feat.

We are going to follow up Chadwick's success with the women's team with No. 34 today.  For the remainder of the men's tennis season, we will release three top moments a week to highlight Chadwick's storied career.  Starting next week, we will release one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

No. 34 on our list is Chadwick's first career win as the men's tennis coach.  This came in Chadwick's first season as the men's head coach in 1983, as the Rebels defeated Centenary 8-1 at the Milwaukee Classic in Milwaukee, Wisc. 

While relishing the accomplished program that we all enjoy today, it is easy to forget where it all began.  When Chadwick took over the men's program that year in 1983, it was last in the Southeastern Conference.  Thirty years and 18 SEC titles later, here we are. 

Although Chadwick's first career win was not against a big-name opponent, it was the beginning of one of the most historic coaching careers in college tennis.

Stay tuned for No. 33 next week with many exciting moments on the way.  We are only getting started.

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    Hunter Comstock said:

    Strange things happen to Ole Miss football teams in games played on Halloween. I don't know if I can bear to watch this one or not.

    in post Rebels Dominate In Prime-Time Spotlight

    Hunter Comstock said:

    Boy, I surely hope the Rebels don't have anymore nail biters like the Bama game. My nerves won't take it.

    in post Rebels Pass First Test in Search of Playoff Berth

    Joe Snaidauf said:

    Rebs stay healthy, they can win it all!!!

    in post Eleven Rebels Garner Phil Steele Preseason Honors

    Jamie laverty said:

    Bulmer I love you and ole Miss

    in post Fast Runner From Down Under

    Rhonda said:

    Coach Freeze is a genuine coach and our players and fans adore him!!

    in post Vote Freeze For Coach Of The Year

    Gary Vaughn said:

    It's great to be a Rebel fan. Coach Freeze
    Has brought back the excitement
    Competitiveness we all so desire. The
    fan base and even our doubters are
    Paying attention. Even the whole country
    Sport tLk shows ect. Are taking notice.
    After we upset Alabama this weekend
    38-27 we will bolt to a top 12 or better
    Ranking. Go Rebels

    in post Vote Freeze For Coach Of The Year

    Tom said:

    I am not and never have been an Ole Miss fan. I am however a Coach Freeze fan. I like what he represents in today's world of big time sports and what he stands for in leading young men of today into a more responsible role. He is everything that Ole Miss has never had. I am on his band wagon winning or losing.

    in post Vote Freeze For Coach Of The Year

    Cory Wilson said:

    How can I get my hands on one of these?

    in post 2013 Fall Sports Player Posters