Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Athletics Venues

Facility Request Forms


The University of Mississippi athletics venues are used primarily for conducting intercollegiate athletics events, practice sessions, and other Athletics Department sponsored programs and related purposes. No other uses will preempt these primary uses. When the athletics venues are not being used for those purposes, the Athletics Department makes some of these venues available for rent by other University departments, organizations and the public. The use of certain athletics venues by these groups and organizations is subject to availability and the provisions of these Guidelines and Procedures. The Athletics Venues are intended to be used in the manner that they were designed and built, not for optional purposes. In addition to the usage fees identified for each facility, the user also shall pay all charges and costs associated described in these Guidelines.


General Guidelines

Athletics Venues are not open for the general use of the student-body or the public, but portions may be reserved for use at the discretion of the Athletics Department.

Coaching staffs cannot reserve venues.

Users shall be subject to the control and guidance of the Athletics Department personnel and Facilities Management Staff.

Filing out of the official request form is recommended five (5) business days prior to date of the facility usage request to allow the institutional review process to occur.

Fee for use of facility, liability waiver and certificate of insurance (if required) is due upon receipt of invoice.

Security personnel are required at all events.

Pets & bicycles are not allowed in athletics venues. Animals for handicapped individuals are acceptable.

Smoking or other use of tobacco products is not permitted in athletics venues or on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

Food, chewing gum, bottles, soda cans, colored drinks, and sunflower seeds are not allowed on the playing surfaces.

The University of Mississippi Athletics Department is NOT responsible for loss due to theft.

Users should immediately report any injury or facility/equipment irregularity to the Facilities Management Staff.




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