Want to give your computer a new Ole Miss Rebel look? It's easy. Just follow these instructions to download and set your desktop background. And don't forget to check back for new backgrounds as teams begin seasons.

  1. Find the backgrounds you'd like and pick the link above that most closely matches your monitor/display size. Picking the correct size will ensure that the image is not stretched or distorted when you set it as your background.
  2. Once on the page, if you see a magnifying glass with a "+" left click it to make the image full size. Once you see the full image on your screen, right-click (PC users) or control-click (Mac users) and "Save File As."
  3. After you've saved it, go to the folder that it was downloaded in and select it.
  4. If using a PC, right-click the image and select "Set As Desktop Background" or "Use as Wallpaper."
  5. If using a Mac, control-click and select "Set Desktop Picture"
If using a Mac, you can personalize even more! Try downloading as many backgrounds as you'd like and put them in one folder anywhere on your computer.
  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences to open the System Preferences window.
  2. Click the Desktop & Screen Saver button.
  3. Click the Desktop tab; the left pane lists the different folders from which you can choose an image. The right pane displays thumbnails, small images, of the images in the selected folder.
  4. Click the small "+" under the window on the left. Find the folder you created with the multiple backgrounds.
  5. Click any thumbnail to instantly change the desktop image.
  6. Or, check the "Change picture" box and choose one of the intervals listed in the menu (such as every minute or every day)
  7. Select the "Random order" checkbox if you want the images to appear at random. If it isn't selected, your images will appear in alphabetical order by name.
Enjoy and Go Rebels!




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