Brady Bramlett: Ole Miss Baseball Player and Vice Chair of NCAA SAAC
Brady Bramlett excels both on and off the field and will be serving as the Vice Chair of the NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).
July 13, 2015

Throughout the year will be showcasing some of our student-athletes for their accomplishments on and off the field. Today’s profile highlights baseball player and vice-chair of the NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), Brady Bramlett. You’re taking over as Vice Chair of the NCAA National SAAC, talk about how its feels to take on that leadership role and maybe some of the things you and the national SAAC are working on to enhance the student-athlete experience

Bramlett: It’s really exciting to be in this new role. One of the things that I spoke about when I was elected to this new role was remembering that the reason we are student-athletes is because we love the game. No matter what negative things happen or how much adversity we face, the reason we are here is to play the sport we love and to portray that positive aspect of it and the student-athlete experience. The biggest thing we are currently working on is a tangible way to measure the student-athlete experience. What we see happening is you have the super extremes of “I loved it” or the other end which says “It wasn’t for me” We’re trying to find a way to measure it so we can get out in the public and show what student-athlete life is like. Yes, at times it’s tough, but we chose it because we couldn’t imagine our lives without the sport. You nominated Ole Miss Athletics Director Ross Bjork and Chancellor Dan Jones for the NCAA’s newly created Champions of Diversity and Inclusion Recognition. Can you talk a little bit about that process and why you thought these two Ole Miss leaders were deserving of the honor?

Bramlett: The chair of the Minority Opportunities and Interests committee reached out to me and said “We know Ross and Chancellor Jones are great, do you think they deserve this award?” and I said “Absolutely” Out of any campus in the country or in the SEC, we have the most diverse people – skin color, race, gender, culture, everything, here at Ole Miss. They deserve this award because they believe that everybody is equal no matter who you are or where you come from and that’s reflected in the athletic department and throughout campus.  You are very involved here on campus. Aside from being on the baseball team, you are in choir and serve as president of the Ole Miss SAAC. How has your involvement on campus, particularly with SAAC, helped enhance your overall collegiate experience?

Bramlett: The first time I ever got involved with SAAC was when Jamil Northcutt was here in the role that Assistant AD Jennifer Saxon currently holds. As a freshman I saw what SAAC was and I knew I wanted to get involved. I was involved in student council in high school so I came and talked to Jamil about it and jumped right in. From there I just hit the ground running. I feel like the more you have to do the more successful you are. I hate being idle, I always need something to do, which is why I jumped into music. My mother sings so that’s where I get my love of singing. College is what you make it. You can be a kid that just goes to class and does your own thing or you can be the person who is involved and active. I think the more active and involved you are the more connections you make and that sets you up for the future. What are three pieces of advice would you give to an incoming freshmen?

Bramlett: Don’t be timid – My freshman year I was so timid and it took me awhile to open up, but I had to because it felt like something was missing. Open up and be yourself.  

Work – It’s not going be easy and you’re going to have to have a good work ethic for whatever you do, whether its your sport, academics, leadership opportunities, really anything. You have to be dedicated to your cause, whatever it is.

Meet as many people as you can – Make friends and reach out to people. Whether it’s your peers, administration or coaches. Branch out! What does the future hold for Brady Bramlett?

Bramlett: I plan on going to law school, hopefully here at Ole Miss, and using that as an avenue to becoming an athletic director. I’d like to work my way up and maybe one day I can take Greg Sankey’s job as the commissioner of the SEC! 

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