Postgame Quotes - Georgia Tech

Nov. 29, 2013


Georgia Tech vs. Ole Miss

Ole Miss Head Coach Andy Kennedy

On the overall effort of Ole Miss:

“I thought our effort was outstanding.  I thought our guys were locked in.  It’s our biggest challenge to date.”

“I liked our team’s fight.  We exuded toughness early.  We wanted to be aggressive.  I thought we attacked the game right from that jump and for that I was proud.”

“I was anxious to see how we would perform against a high level team and I was really pleased with the way we started the game, locked in playing extremely hard.   We weren’t as efficient as we would have hoped, but overall I was really pleased with the effort.”

On the feel of the game:

“I think the feel in (Barclays Center) is an NCAA Tournament feel.”

“It’s just two teams playing and it’s the end of November.  We have no idea what our identity is.  We are trying to figure out who we are.  In games like this where you challenge yourself against big, strong, fast guys from high level programs you learn a lot about yourself.  Our objective is that when we leave Sunday that we have a much better idea as to who we are.”






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