LSU Postgame Quotes
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#24 LSU 40, OLE MISS 24
Oct. 21, 2017
Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Opening Statement
"I told our team to stick together, I was proud. A lot of people laid their bodies on the line. Guys were out there playing hurt and they fought for each other. They hurt us too much on the ground and we didn't make the play we needed to make on offense. We had several opportunities, we just didn't make them."

On opportunities missed to set the tone early
"I just think that when you're playing a good defense you have to make the plays when you're given the opportunity. We had some stuff there we just didn't execute it." 

On Shea Patterson's knee injury
"It's a sprained knee. We'll be able to evaluate it and probably know more tomorrow or Monday." 

On Sean Rawlings' concussion protocol
"If he could be out there he would, but when you're dealing with concussions you have to be very careful. Pat Jernigan (head athletic trainer) and those guys do a very good job and they're going to handle it the right way."

On Jordan Wilkins
"He's a warrior. He's been through the battles and I thought he played really hard. Wilkins and DeMarquis Gates, who's got two bad shoulders, were out there throwing their bodies around. I'm just grateful for those guys for laying it on the line for this team."

On Dawson Knox
"We knew the talent he has. You can see it in practice. They were doing some stuff to take our wide outs out of it and he wasn't getting pressed, so he had some clean releases and he made some plays."

On looking forward to Arkansas
"It's a big one. It's another opportunity, and you know it's round eight of a 12 round fight. We have to pick ourselves up off the map, and we'll get ready to go and try and find a way to win."

On his transition to defensive end
"I like defensive end. I played defensive end my senior year in high school. Naturally, I felt like that was what I was going to play in college. It didn't feel like a big transition. I am glad I got the experience I did in high school."

On if the defensive end position allows him the opportunity to make more plays
"I think so. When you said 13 tackles, I didn't even know I had that many. Especially with LSU this year, they keep everybody on the perimeter."

On Arkansas next weekend
"We need to get over this one and get ready for those Razorbacks. This is SEC football and you can't let up."

On how he moves forward from this loss
"You really just get passed it by going to work tomorrow. It was a tough game, but the only way you can get passed it is by dusting yourself off and getting back to work."

On if he thought he would play
"I come into every game hoping that I am going to be that involved in the game. This week I got involved a little bit more so I was kind of expecting it when Shae (Patterson) came my way. I just wish I could have done more to help that result. "

On if he feels back to normal after past injury
"Yeah I feel great. I still have a stress fracture in my foot, but I had an MRI last week and it looks pretty good. I feel as close to 100% as I could be."

On if he will be sore tomorrow
"Yeah there is no doubt I'm going to be sore. Basically every muscle in our body and places I don't even know."

On what position he played in high school
"I played quarterback in high school and I was about 5'11 my junior year. I played a little receiver and then my senior year I finally grew a little bit and I was starting quarterback. I was probably 6'4 215 at that point. It's been a weird transition, but I really like where I am at, at this point."


Opening Statement
"Tremendous job by our staff and our football team. Three SEC victories in a row. Thank the lord for almost 600 yards of total yards on offense. Tremendous job to the offensive line and by Darrius Guice and Darrel Williams. I thought our DB's had a heck of a game, considering that the passing game that they had and that the quarterback and those wide receivers are tremendous players. Great job all of our football team."

On Arden Key's defense
"You know we needed it. We will look at the film but he had some pressure and had a couple sacks. I think he's just getting in to playing shape for another year."

On how the game as a whole
"We fought, we knew we were going to have to fight. We wanted to finish drives. We were moving the ball and we had to get some field goals at the end of the first and second quarter. We challenged our team to play with more sense of urgency. We knew they could come back, that quarterback is dangerous. We knew they were going to fight. But our team fought the hardest." 

On Conner Culp's field goals
"He competed and he has been coached. He's trying very hard and he is gaining more confidence."

On their offensive performance
"They gave us a lot of running yards, so that's what we took. It won't always be that way, but our mentality is that we're going to be effective in which ever area of the game they choose to defend the weakest."

On the play of Williams and Guice
"It's equally impressive in my book. I'm just stoked for those guys because they put in so much work and they've battled through injuries and they've played through stuff that people don't know--some nicks and dings. So I'm proud of the way they came out. It's validating to see them have success tonight." 

On the team's defensive effort
"Kudos to our DBs, our coverage coaches who ran the scheme. It was hard for us to get a rush all night, I'll tell you that. Great offensive line."

On the team's play recently
"We play with a lot of grit and a lot of heart. Scheme is the most important part. We just want to stick to the game plan, make our adjustments and play our hearts out."

On the play of the secondary
"I love it. I feel that how we play with those guys in the front, we are laying the foundation for the confidence level to rise as a defense, so it starts with us. I like to tell the defensive backs that it's on us. We give up a play, that's what people see, but if we make a play, that's also what people see. We know a lot of older guys are watching us and they still want to see us ball out so getting those picks and being the key piece for a defense to play this good this game."

On Arden Key
"Arden's a beast. We always knew he'd be back to his old self and that is what he's doing. He's getting back to himself and that's what we need. We need quarterbacks and offensive linemen to fear that edge rusher. As a defensive back that really is a great key."






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