Postgame Quotes vs. Kentucky
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Nov. 4, 2017
Kroger Field


Opening comments
"Just really proud of our guys, they kept showing up every week battling and they continued to do that tonight and put themselves in a position to win the game and at the end the ball went our way. We made a play to win the game so there are just a lot of happy guys in that locker room and you know just happy for the kids. They've been battling and I'm glad something finally went their way."

On how it felt losing at the last second to Arkansas at Ole Miss compared to winning at the last second against Kentucky
"You know, Arkansas didn't matter tonight. It was just about us and about our kids. They fought and they showed up. You know I think in the back of people's mind everybody was like `When are these guys going to quit? When are they going to give up? When are they not going to show up?.' And they just continued to show up, continued to fight. I'm just really really proud especially when Breeland (Speaks) goes down, you know Austrian's (Robinson) not there, Breeland (Speaks) goes down, they score and go up, we're down 10 on the road. They didn't say `Here we go again.' They just kept fighting and battling, these young kids are stepping up. You know, we've got 12 seniors and we're a young team but they're getting better and better and better and they're starting to see what it takes to win in the SEC."

On if he questioned his team's resiliency in the sense of if they would come out and play hard
"Well, I mean if you base it on what they've done in the past you don't question it a bit because they just keep showing up, they keep coming to work and when everything points against them, they just keep showing up. We talked about being at your best at the darkest hour and then we also talked about if you heard them screaming `212'. Water is just hot at 211, but if you go up that extra degree water starts boiling and that's what we were trying to do. We're trying to get everybody to give us that one extra degree in the second half to make that water start boiling."

On the four straight defensive stops in the second half
"You know, I'm just proud of our defense. They were struggled a little bit, but they just kept battling. Man, they kept battling and gave us stops and they gave us an opportunity to win the game and I'm just proud of the guys like Gates. He's out there and has two bad shoulders and he's just throwing his body around year round. I'm just so proud of the young guys that are growing up, I think Willie had been there when Breeland (Speaks) went out and Austrian (Robinson), so the guys out there were just battling and competing so I'm really, really happy for those guys."

On his thought process of having 3 plays left with 15 seconds left
"We wanted clock stoppers, we wanted to take shots at the end zone or nothing, we didn't want to take a sack. So, you know we threw a play to A.J. and we felt like they were going to bring all out pressure so then we knew we had a one-on-one to D.K. (Metcalf) and he made a play."


On getting a win
"It feels great. I just want to give all glory to God first. He made it happen, but great team effort today. We were just able to pull it out."

On four-straight stops keeping them in the game
"We just had to come and play as a defense. You know we had a lockdown coming out of halftime. We were just trying to get the ball in the offense hands. We know they can score, and put points on the board, so just trying to give it back to them throughout plays."

On having any doubt within Kentucky's last drive
"Most definitely, we always believe in our team. We always believe in the offense. Of course, were going to have that little doubt, were human. But it all comes down to it, getting back to it, getting back on the field, and making the plays you're supposed to make. That's what happened, D.K. (Metcalf) made a play he was supposed to make."


On thoughts when played being reviewed on potential fumble
"I knew my elbow was on the ground, or some part of my body was on the ground, so I wasn't worried about that. I was just worried about the next play and what we were going to do as an offense."

On final drive while on the road (first time in SEC career)
"I've been through that situation in high school and in junior college. I just had to stay focused and do my job. I knew my O-line had my back, I knew my receivers had my back and we had to drive from there and score, and that's what we did."

On his words to the offense before Ole Miss took the field before the final drive
"I said let's go and put this in and let's win this game and go back home, and that's exactly what we did. Huge shoutout to my O-line and all that just protecting me out there."

On if 2:14 was enough time left on the clock to score
"That was more than enough time for us, that I believe and us with our tempo, we just needed to go faster and I knew we were going to score and that's what we did."

When asked about his initial thoughts on the location of the final pass
"Whenever I throw a ball one-on-one, it's either the back of the end zone or my receiver will catch it. I trusted D.K. Metcalf and made a wonderful catch and he won us that ballgame."

On what this win means to the team
"Right now we just gotta celebrate with Coach Luke, we just gotta come back next week and continue that winning streak and end the season well.

On his awareness of pocket pressure when Ole Miss had no time outs left
"I was just worried about being sacked and all that, I just have to play smart. If the routes weren't there I was going to throw it away and if I did get sacked, I was about to spike it and all that. Just got to be smart and that's what we did.

On the spike on first down
"The clock was running and we just needed to stop the clock and that's exactly what we did."

On how he stays so calm
"Just being me and just trust in God, he's going to carry the way for me. Just go out there and perform and that's what we did."

On whether or not he initially thought D.K. Metcalf caught the ball
"Yes I did. As soon as he caught the ball, I knew it was a touchdown, I knew they were going to review it, but in my head I knew it was a touchdown from the start and it was a wonderful catch by him." On his feelings when they won... "It was an awesome feeling. I was super excited, I was pumped, I was jumping up and down. I was celebrating with the coaches on the sideline already. I knew it was a touchdown. D.K. (Metcalf) just being D.K. out there."

On his words to D.K. Metcalf after the play
"I just said `What a grab.' There's a basic, regular, routine catch for him, and I was just so pumped I didn't even say words, I was just jumping up and down and excited for our team."


On the quality of the throw
"Oh, yes sir. Jordan (Ta'amu) put it on the money, just for me to turn around and just make a play."

When asked about how calm the team was moving down the field
"Yes sir, we've been hit in the mouth all year. You know, we've kept our composure in every situation and Ta'amu, he controlled the offense, drove the ball down the field, and we executed as a team."

On whether he anticipated Jordan Ta'amu's good performance as QB
"Yes sir, we practice with him every day. We all just get to see what he does at practice every day."

On Kentucky's coverage
"They threw a lot of different coverages at us and, you know, the game plan for cover two, cover four, man - which we've worked on every day at practice, and just watched film.






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