Postgame Quotes vs. Louisiana
Nov. 11, 2017

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Vaught-Hemingway Stadium - Oxford, Miss.
Nov. 11, 2017


Opening statement
"I am pleased with the first half. We talk about coming out and scoring in the first half, so I am really pleased we found a way to score with the first five possessions. I thought we looked a little sluggish in the second half, but I am still pleased with how we ended and how we scored to put the game away. We wanted to play a lot of people and got a chance to do that. I was glad we were able to get some of those young offensive linemen in there. Overall a really good win and we are 2-0 in November and that's what we have been talking about. We have 12 days left and a big senior night coming up on Saturday."

On the offensive line
"I am very pleased. Where we have come a long way is before if we had lost two linemen in a game, it would have been dire straits. Now having two guys being hurt, you have five guys stepping in there that's played a bunch of football that step in there and communicate."

On Jordan Ta'amu
"Another good performance. It doesn't matter who you are playing, if you lead your team during the first five drives and score touchdowns, that's pretty impressive. Another great job by Phil Longo getting Jordan ready to play. I think we are surrounded by good players and that's guys like the point guard, he's just got to distribute the ball. We have good backs, good offensive linemen and good receivers and we were fortunate to have two good quarterbacks."

On A.J. Brown
"I should have thrown him a bubble or given him a flip to get him to 15 catches, so that was on me; a rookie mistake right there. I like the look in his eye. He is making tough plays and making people miss and making tough catches. There was one third down drive where he picked one up off his shoelaces and just made a tough catch look easy. He is really playing well for us."

Looking ahead to Texas A&M
"I know they're a really good team. They're very talented. Coach Noel Mazzone and Coach John Chavis I know very well and they're very good coaches. I think we just have to go take care of ourselves and really focus on these seniors having an opportunity on senior night playing their last game in Vaught-Hemingway. I think we need to create a special environment for those guys and really play well."

On looking forward to senior day
"These guys are a part of arguable maybe one of the better runs in the history of Ole Miss, so I'm really proud of what they've been able to accomplish."


Opening statement
"I am just trying to make a play when my number is called. My goal was 1,000 yards this year and hearing that I met my goal means a lot."

On the transition from Shea Patterson to Jordan Ta'amu
"Preparation at practice has allowed the offense to stay consistent. We work hard every day. We don't take anything for granted. Jordan has the ability to run, like Shea. He is a great passer and has the ability to throw down the field. Those two are pretty even to me. Jordan throws the ball a lot harder. Every time he throws the ball he is going to throw it with all his might. We have to tell him to chill out because he's going to jam my fingers."

On looking forward to Texas A&M
"We want to go undefeated in November. We are just trying to get a win each week."


Opening statement "Just going through my progressions and going through my reads and seeing what the defense gives me, it could be easy, but you have to study film and watch the defense and learn from what my coaches give me."

On if he is having fun
"I am having a lot of fun. Especially with these receivers out here and my offensive line."

On the receivers group
"I can trust my receivers. I know that if I throw the ball up there they will find it and make a play out of it. It's a big thing for me knowing I can throw a bubble and they will get more yards than I expect them to get. It is great having those receivers that I have out there."

On being so far from home
"I knew it would be hard from the beginning once I chose Ole Miss. We knew travel would be expensive and busy. I love my parents for always supporting me even though they are miles away. They will be here next week for the Texas A&M game, which will be great. They trust me a lot and want me to keep going."


Opening Statement
"First of all I have to give a lot of credit to the Ole Miss Rebels. They've got an outstanding football team, especially offensively they have a lot of weapons and that was hard to slow them guys down especially in the first half. At the end of the first half and at certain points in the second half did a much better job with the RPOs but we let them get behind us and we didn't want to do that coming into the game and they certainly got behind us on some deep balls and we was hoping to keep that from happening. We give them credit as they've done that to everybody this year and they got behind us also. I thought offensively we were able to move the ball. We left some points on the board with some missed field goals, missed extra points, but I thought we moved the ball and had some success moving the football, but we have to finish drives. Still we knew coming in 22 points wouldn't be enough we knew it was going to at least be somewhere in the 30s to get us a chance to be in the ball game. Overall I thought Levi Lewis showed a lot of poise there in the first half. Everything indicates he's fine. Just got a little ankle sprain he should be fine. I thought Jordan Davis came in and executed really well, did some nice things had a big run for a touchdown and I thought it was a good thing to see him stay sharp and come in to the game and execute. Obviously being down five starters was critical to us. So we came in a little bit behind eight ball but it's an opportunity for some other guys to step up and get some of their first extensive playing time and never less it's just wasn't enough tonight. I thought we was able to run the ball at time but we just weren't consistent enough to get the ball in the end zone against a team you know you have to score a lot of points, but they got a really good football team."

On Jordan Davis' role moving forward
"I don't know you know that's something that we just have to sit down and look out. I was really proud of the way Jordan came in and stayed sharp. He had a great attitude all week and stayed with the game plan and it shows so I have to give him a lot of credit for coming in and executing well. So we'll definitely go back and look at that. We have to regroup quickly we got three Sunbelt Conference games to wrap up the year. We have a chance to finish Sun Belt play really strong. We have to take it one game at a time but there's a lot of Sunbelt play to be played. We have to get off because we got a very dangerous New Mexico state coming in and they've got a very good offense too."


On the season moving forward
"We couldn't really get anything going our way till late in the second quarter and the second half. We just have to use this week to get better and improve. I feel like we are going to have a lot of success through the remainder of the year. Like I said, we just have to continue to get better and prepare."

On the Ole Miss wide receivers
"I feel like they have a great group of guys who definitely know how to play the game of football. They go after the ball and they definitely are aggressive. Ole Miss has one of the best receiving corps in the nation."

On Jordan Ta'amu
"I want to say that he is a good quarterback, you can tell he picked up a lot of things from Shea Patterson. I wish I could have played him but it didn't turn out that way. Jordan reads his keys and he does his job. He runs the offense well. With the wideouts he has, his job is easy. All he has to do is throw it up and those guys will make a play."

On playing corner vs safety
"I really go week by week, wherever I'm needed on the defense, I'll be there. Whether it's back at corner next week or playing safety. I'm just going to play wherever I am needed."


On working with Levi Lewis
"The chemistry is great, all Levi does is watch film and with a guy like that, you want to be around him. That way you can get the connection straight, that way when it's game time, let's go play backyard football."






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