Postgame Quotes: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State
Nov. 30, 2015

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Ole Miss Postgame Quotes vs. Mississippi State - Nov. 28, 2015

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze

Opening Statement…
“(I am) extremely pleased with taking the Egg Bowl back to Oxford. It has been difficult, as many of you have pointed out all week long, to win this on the road, playing in a hostile environment. I was pleased with our preparation. It is unfortunate that the loser of this game gets raked over the coals by some of you guys. Both teams have had good years and it speaks volumes that this game now means something nationally. It is a credit to both school staffs, kids and administrations that are investing in making our programs relevant. I think it’s great for our state. I hope you’ll take that into consideration as you write about the years because both teams have had good years and it’s really unfortunate that some of them have to get criticized. I know that’s just the way our sport is. Again, really pleased with our kids. All week long, I thought they were ready. I loved our preparation, loved our plan we had all week. Excited to take that egg back to Oxford. It means so much to our people, our program. I am thrilled, excited. Now, we can dwell on that and the ‘what ifs’ and all of that but I think that it speaks volumes about where we’ve come and just our four years here. It kind of stinks, but we will go to a great bowl game somewhere, hopefully.”

On the legacy of this team…
“I think in time we will certainly be able to know, but I want to say that I think that this group has made us nationally relevant. I don’t think we have a losing record against anybody in the SEC West. To come from where we did four years ago, I think this group made us relevant and it is hard for anyone to argue that. I think we are getting close to being beyond that and playing a significant role in who decides this conference. Every year is different. Who knows what next year holds. You see that all the time with teams, so we have to find a way to be consistent.”

Ole Miss Player Quotes Nov. 28, 2015

QB Chad Kelly

On the win…
“It’s huge to get a win in this game. It means everything to this university, to our players, and I am just excited to be a part of this great team.”



On the team’s performance…
“I thought we did good. I had missed on a couple of things, a couple of over-routes, but it’s another SEC game. It’s a hard fought win. Coming into someone else’s stadium and coming out with a victory is huge.”

WR Damore'ea Stringfellow

On focusing on improving as an individual…
“My biggest thing is trying to get better and fix the things that I have messed up on this year so that it won’t be a problem next year, and bring the team along with us.”

On Chad Kelly’s performance…
“The best thing about Chad is that he learns from his mistakes real fast, and he is a competitor. When he makes a mistake, you know he is going to go out and fix it and it shows in his play.”

DB Tony Bridges

On game strategy…
“Coach told me earlier on in the week that you have to win the one-on-ones, and I told him ‘Coach I feel comfortable on pressing them every play’.”

On thoughts coming in to the game…
“We knew coming in that it was going to be a dog fight, so coach told us not to take our feet off of the gas, so that’s what we did. We didn’t give them a chance to come back.”




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