Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked parking questions

  1. How is ADA/HC parking affected? Why do I have to pay for Handicap parking?

    We will be selling the season passes in the ADA/HC section of the south lot. These passes will only be on sale to people who require such assistance as location and the shuttle to the stadium. All ADA spaces in donor lots around campus will be on sale only to those qualifying via state issued ADA placard. If we do not sell out of spaces for the season, they will be sold game by game to those who require such assistance.

    We will be selling season passes in the HC/ADA section of the south lot (Hwy 6 and Taylor Rd.). These passes will only be on sale to people who require such assistance as location and the shuttle to the stadium. Additionally all ADA spaces in donor lots around campus will be on sale only to those qualifying via state-issued handicap placard. If we do not sell out of the spaces for the season, they will be sold game by game to those who require such assistance.

    It is important to note that the spaces in the South Lot are not "ADA compliant" from the standpoint of the size and spacing of the stalls. Spaces in the South Lot have been set aside in addition to the standard ADA spaces on campus. This is important to note in the event that a fan shows up with a specially equipped vehicle that requires additional space to operate lifts or get walkers, carts or passengers in and out conveniently.
  2. I normally tailgate in a location that is not near one of the shuttle stops around campus. How can I get to the stadium?

    If you have a gameday campus parking pass, you can drop people off nearer the stadium when you are ready to go to the game. Please be mindful of changes to traffic around the Grove and All-American Drive for the Walk of Champions as well as increased traffic as game time approaches. If you do not have a campus parking pass, we recommend that you use the off campus shuttles to get to campus and then find the on campus shuttle that gets you nearest your desired location. The on campus shuttles are designed to get fans to the stadium for the game as conveniently as possible. Please see TRAFFIC/SHUTTLES tab on for information on which lots are serviced by the various shuttles.
  3. Will I be able to bring a trailer/grill/smoker with me if it does not take up a parking spot?

    Trailers, including cookers and similar items are currently prohibited from entering campus.

    Will there be other "Drop Off" locations around campus for those who don't have parking, other than University Ave?

    No. The only access to those without a parking pass will be University Ave only.
  4. There are several Lot-8 parking lots. Will I have an assigned Lot every time or will I have to search for a spot in one of those lots?

    Members who are assigned a Lot-8 parking pass will be allowed to park in any lot designated Lot-8.
  5. Can I park in Residence Hall areas? What about on the street on Rebel Drive/ Sorority Drive?

    Only students will be allowed to park in Resident Hall parking lots. Rebel Drive will have several lots accessible to members with parking passes for those lots. Sorority Row is designated Residence Hall parking only.
  6. If I have a Lot-6 pass, can I also park in any of the other Lots 6-12?

    No. Members with parking are required to park in the lot they are assigned.
  7. Do you have a choice on what lot you get? Can I pick my lot or request certain lots?

    Yes, you will be allowed to select your parking lot when parking allocations begin each June. We will email you a link to our parking map and you will be able to select the lot of your choice based on your annual giving amount and the lots that are available to you. You can also request certain lots in advance if you will be unable to go online to pick your pass during allocations.
  8. Are Lots 6-12 and Ford center assigned parking lots?

    Lots 6-12 and Ford Center will be general admission lots. You will be guaranteed a place to park in your assigned lot. You will not have an assigned place to park within that lot for every single game.
  9. I buy a large number of season tickets for a group of people, how do I get multiple parking passes to accommodate my group if I only qualify for one?

    You have two choices: 1. You can qualify for two parking passes at the $2500 giving level for football. 2. You will need to create separate accounts and become a member in each account in order to purchase multiple passes.
  10. Has there been much thought to change traffic flow after the game?

    Yes. A new postgame and pregame traffic flow plan has been developed. Immediately following the game, all traffic on campus will be one-way to get as many cars as possible off campus and onto the larger streets and highways. We recommend that, if possible, you try to incorporate Hwy 7 into your travel plans as it has been less traveled in the past compared to Hwy 6. A map of traffic patterns and changes can be found here.
  11. Will we offer an "Access Only" pass to be able to drop off tailgating supplies?

    No. It is recommended to all Ole Miss Athletics Foundation members to purchase a parking pass in order to access campus on gameday. Access to The Grove and the Circle to drop off tailgating supplies is only available via University Avenue for individuals without parking passes. Please consult the Gameday Grove Access map for details.

  12. Will parking open up after the game to be able to pick up from The Grove?

    Yes. We will continue to allow people pick up supplies from The Grove after the game, with or without a parking pass as they have done in the past.
  13. How will this change affect students that live off campus? Where will they park?

    Commuter students will not be allowed to enter campus on gameday. They are encouraged to utilize the gameday shuttle system and/or parking lots surrounding campus. Please consult for details.
  14. What happens if I'm not able to get a parking pass? Can I get a refund on my parking pass?

    If you are unable to qualify for parking with your priority, we will accommodate refunds on your parking pass purchase.
  15. Do CGA contributions count toward your priority seating/parking donation?

    CGA contributions do not count toward priority seating or parking donations. You will however get priority points for those contributions which help you get better parking.
  16. What's happening with RV parking? Can you still park for free at Intramural fields, if so what time does it open?

    All RV parking will be consolidated into two lots for this football season. Both lots will be located on Old Taylor road. They will cost $1500 each which is in addition to any giving for priority seating. RVs visiting campus without RV parking are encouraged to seek the following options:

         a. Purchase individual game RV parking by clicking on the link
         b. Seek off-campus RV parking
         c. Park at the intramural fields on a first come, first served basis. The Intramural fields will be open to RV parking and will open Friday          at 3:00 pm.
  17. Will Gertrude Ford Blvd. be open to the public or parking pass only?

    Gertrude Ford Blvd will only be accessible to those with parking passes.
  18. Where are do you park to ride the shuttle to the stadium? How much does it cost?

    Please consult the TRAFFIC/SHUTTLES tab on for shuttle information.
  19. Can I use my parking pass to drop off supplies at The Grove, leave campus, and return later to park in my parking lot?

    Grove set-up on Friday nights will be unchanged. On Saturday, your parking pass will be able to access areas near the grove to drop off supplies. You will be allowed to leave campus and return at a later time. Be mindful that traffic in and around campus will get busier close to game time so we recommend not leaving campus once you enter initially.
  20. Who is in charge of the gameday shuttles?

    There are two different shuttle programs offered for home football games. One is the O.U.T. system offered by the University and the other is offered by the City of Oxford. Please see TRAFFIC/SHUTTLES tab on for more information on shuttle locations, routes, and restrictions.
  21. Will the shuttles take coolers?

    Please see TRAFFIC/SHUTTLES tab on for information on any items restricted from the shuttles.
  22. If I don't have a parking pass, where can I park?

    It is recommended that you park at the Jackson Avenue Center, Whirlpool Plant, Oxford Middle School or Oxford Convention Center to provide convenient access to the shuttle service. Additionally, local churches and businesses are expected to be selling spaces or any legal stalls on side streets. Jackson Avenue does not allow parking on sides or grass areas. The City of Oxford will enforce all parking on its streets. Please see TRAFFIC/SHUTTLES tab on for information on which lots are serviced by the various shuttles.
  23. When will the RV area be available for RV parking?

    RVs may pull in after 3:00 pm on Fridays but their specific stall may not be available until after 6:00 pm to allow park and ride/academic vehicles to leave.