Capital Gift Agreement (CGA) & Benefits

The Capital Gift Agreement (CGA) is unique to Ole Miss and gives everyone the opportunity to invest in the long-term future of Ole Miss Athletics. Designed to provide unparalleled amenities and privileges, the CGA is an innovative way to provide long-term assurances to our loyal season ticket holders while also generating capital for the Forward Together campaign. By signing and completing the agreement, you will receive a range of benefits including:

  • Premium Game-Day Experience
    • The sections requiring a CGA are among the best seats in the arena. With access to two exclusive club areas, premium seat holders will enjoy the finest gameday amenities.
  • Wait Staff
    • Those sitting in select sections will receive the personal attention of in-seat food and beverage service. You will have the privilege of enjoying food or drink without having to miss any of the action.
    • By making a capital gift, you will have the opportunity to transfer your seats to your children or grandchildren, friend or third party. The CGA offers a great opportunity to ensure your spot in the new arena for generations to come.
  • Donation Guarantee
    • The CGA guarantees that your required annual donation will not increase during the term of the agreement. With operating costs continuing to rise, donation increases are very much a reality for every program. The CGA provides donors with financial certainty from 2015 through the 2024 season.
  • VIP Parking
    • As a premium seat holder you will enjoy VIP parking privileges that will be included within the annual per-seat donation.
  • Preferred Priority
    • Your CGA will give you Preferred Priority for all post-season play. As such, you’ll be among a limited number of people eligible for the best seats available for road and bowl games.
  • Tax Deduction
    • Similar to your annual Priority Seating donation, your capital gift qualifies as a charitable contribution. We encourage you to consult your tax advisor.