Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign a Capital Gift Agreement (CGA) in the new arena?

First and foremost, by signing a CGA you will help play a significant role in the completion of the Forward Together campaign.  Also, signing a CGA is the only way to access premium seats in the new arena.  In addition, there are a number of great benefits to signing a CGA.

What are the benefits of singing a CGA?

  • Transferability - you can transfer your seats anytime during your 10 year seating term
  • Priority Points - you will receive 25 bonus priority points by signing a CGA as well as 1 priority point per $100 contributed
  • Fixed Annual Donation- your per seat donation will be locked in through the 2024-25 season. 
  • Guaranteed Seating Location - through the 2024-25 season (must meet all stated deadlines and financial requirements)
  • Initial Seat Selection Priority - those who sign a CGA will get to select their seats before non-CGA holders.  For more information on seating allocations, please click here.
  • Donor Recognition in Facility - all those who sign a CGA prior to the opening of the arena will be recognized on a CGA Wall in the facility. 

What are the seating options available in the new Arena? 

The premium areas are the Floor Seats, All-American Club, Courtside Club, and Arena Club.  There are also seats available in the general bowl through the CGA.  For more information on seating options, please click here.

How do I obtain premium seats in the new arena?

You must make a CGA commitment in order to secure floor seats, loge box, courtside club, or arena club seats.  None of these seats will be offered without a CGA.  To make a CGA commitment, contact the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation at 662-816-2025.

I am not interested in premium seats in the new arena, is there any advantage for me signing a CGA?

Yes, for general non-premium arena seats it is still very beneficial to sign a CGA.  CGA members will get to pick their seats in the new arena before non-CGA members.  In addition, as a CGA member your per-seat annual donation will be locked in for the entire duration of your seating term.   Also, your location will be guaranteed and your per-seat donation will be less than non-CGA members.  For specific per-seat pricing please click here.

I signed a Capital Gift Agreement for seats in the new arena.  When will I be able to select my actual seats?

As the seating bowl design is completed we will notify those who have signed a CGA of the process for selecting seats. 

How will seats be allocated in the new arena?

Seats will be allocated based on priority points.  For more information on the allocation process, click here.

What if I do not sign a CGA for seats in the new arena? 

Non-CGA members will pick their seats in the new arena after CGA members have selected their seats.  Selection will be based on availability.  However, you will not have the benefits of a CGA member which includes transferability, seating location guarantee, and a fixed annual per-seat donation.

Can I schedule a meeting with someone to discuss my CGA?

Yes.  We are always willing to sit down with anyone to discuss their CGA and ways to contribute to the Forward Together campaign. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm and any of our representatives would be willing to speak with you. We also have representatives traveling the region if it would be more beneficial to set up a face-to-face meeting. Please let us know what works for you, and we will make the necessary accommodations. You may also reach us by calling 662-915-7159 or speak now live with a representative using our online chat, CLICK HERE.