Forward Together Campaign FAQ's

What is the Forward Together Campaign?

Forward Together is an athletics facilities campaign that seeks to raise $150 million in support of a comprehensive initiative aimed at new facility construction and existing facility enhancements at the University of Mississippi.

What are the facility initiatives of the Forward Together campaign?

The campaign has 4 main facility initiatives: construction of a new multi-purpose arena, Vaught Hemingway Stadium expansion and upgrades, Indoor Practice Facility enhancements, and other facility Projects (Including the Gillom Center, the FedEx Student-Athlete Success Center, and the Starnes Center).  These projects will be completed in a phased approach and are contingent upon funding.

What is the timeline for construction of the new arena?

We will break ground on the arena in the spring of 2014.  Our goal is to open the new arena no later than January of 2016 - In time for SEC play.  

Where will the new arena be located?

The new arena will be located in the current parking lot behind the west side of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium where the Rebel Shop currently sits.  This is the area located between the stadium and Hill Drive.

Why was the location of the new arena changed?

The placement of the arena is a long-term decision and will allow us to further enhance our athletics complex - better connecting athletics to the heart of the best campus in higher education.  This centralized location will create an impressive "front door" for Ole Miss Athletics and a destination point not only on a game day - but every day of the week. 

Why has the design of the arena changed since the campaign was launched in 2011?

The original renderings were very preliminary.  We have completed the design phase with AECOM, the architecture firm that we've hired to design the arena.  These updated renderings are more final and we believe this is the best plan for our athletics facilities.

Will the new arena include a parking garage?

Yes.  A new five story parking garage - with 800 spaces serving the entire campus community - will be built on the south end of the arena where the northern most practice field currently sits.  We will break ground on the parking garage in late fall 2013 and will be completed by September of 2014. 

What will be the seating capacity of the new arena?

Permanent seating in the Arena will be just over 8,900, with a total capacity of 9,500 when you include standing room only.

What will happen to Tad Smith Coliseum? 

Tad Smith Coliseum will continue to be used until the opening of the new arena.  Once the new arena has been completed, Tad Smith will be torn down and the area will be converted into a green space.

The initial campaign literature discussed a Phase II which included an expansion of the north end zone of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.  What is the status of Phase II?

Preliminary discussions have been held to determine the cost of construction of adding suites and club seating to Vaught Hemingway Stadium and bowling in the North Endzone of the Stadium.  A final plan and timeframe for this expansion project will be announced in the coming months.   We will not be using a phase I and phase II approach to the campaign, but will work to complete all of the facility initiatives in a timely and efficient manner. 

The initial plans of the campaign showed a north endzone that mirrored the south endzone.  Is this still the plan? 

We are exploring a number of different options and will have more information soon.  We believe there are ways to make efficient use of current facilities and resources - and steward your investment in a responsible and thoughtful manner.  Simply put, we want to expand Vaught Hemingway Stadium and complete our projects as fast and as smart as we can and we are doing everything in our control to expedite the process.  

Will there be additional Suites and Club Seats through the expansion of Vaught Hemingway Stadium?

Yes, the expansion will include new suites and club seats. 

What do the upgrades to Vaught Hemingway Stadium include?

Vaught Hemingway stadium will continue to be upgraded through the campaign. These upgrades include improvements to the concourses, concession areas, and restrooms of the stadium.  In addition, the premium areas will continue to be improved.   All of these upgrades will be completed to improve the ascetics of Vaught Hemingway Stadium and enhance the gameday experience for our fans.

How will the campaign be funded?

The campaign will be funded through philanthropic giving, as well as seating revenue generated from the Capital Gift Agreement (CGA).  The total fundraising goal of the campaign is $150 million.

Will any state funding be used?

No, the campaign will be funded strictly through private donations.