Arena Seating

The new arena will offer great seating options for everyone looking to enjoy Ole Miss Basketball. The arena seats refer to all non-premium seats in the new arena dicated in the seating map as "Arena Seating". Members can obtain seats in these sections through two different methods - by signing a CGA, or by purchasing season tickets for that season. The CGA is optional, however it does offer the following benefits:

  • Transferability - you can transfer your seats anytime during your 10 year seating term
  • Priority Points - you will receive 25 bonus priority points by signing a CGA as well as 1 priority point per $100 contributed
  • Fixed Annual Donation- your per seat donation will be locked in through the 2024-25 season.
  • Guaranteed Seating Location - through the 2024-25 season (must meet all stated deadlines and financial requirements)
  • Initial Seat Selection Priority - those who sign a CGA will get to select their seats before non-CGA holders.  For more information on seating allocations, please click here.
  • Donor Recognition in Facility - all those who sign a CGA prior to the opening of the arena will be recognized on a CGA Wall in the facility.

For those who choose not to sign a CGA, there will still be season tickets available to purchase however the arena will be reseated every year based on priority points, so to ensure location and donation it is best to sign a CGA and lock in your long-term seats today!