Vaught-Hemingway Expansion

New Suites

CGA - $100,000
Annual Donation - $45,000

As part of the expansion of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, new suites will be built to meet the demands for premium seating. Currently we are looking at all options to determine whether the suites will be in the north endzone, or potentially added on the south endzone in conjunction with the south suites and south club. Although more details are yet to be determined, our intentions are to add around 28 new suites that have the same square footage, seating and amenities as the south suites. These suites will include 22 seats, private bathroom, climate controlled lounging area, outdoor seats, TV, and more. Below are some images of our current south suites that we plan to mirror:

Suites Suites

As of 10/21/13 we have 27 new suites committed to. The suite expansion could be built in just one off-season making it possible to be built by the 2015 season, however that is all determined by demand. For more information, please call 662-915-7159 and speak with an Ole Miss Athletics Foundation representative.

New Club Area

Annual Donation - TBD

In addition to adding new suites, we are also analyzing where we may be able to add additional club seating. More information will be released as the study continues.

North Endzone

There are plans to bowl in the north endzone giving Ole Miss a true front door to athletics. As the planning progresses for suites and club areas, more information will be known on the north endzone and what this project will consist of. More information will be released in the coming months.