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  1. To educate students, young alumni and Rebel fans ages 25 and under on the importance of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation and support Ole Miss student-athletes
  2. To recruit new members to join the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation through the REBELS25 program


  1. Become familiar with REBELS25 and other Ole Miss Athletics Foundation programs
  2. Attend scheduled meetings or commit to conference calls
  3. Volunteer at various recruiting/membership events (on-campus, local or regional)
  4. Reach out to friends/associates/acquaintances/campus and community organizations


  1. Professional demeanor, outgoing personality, public speaking and interpersonal communication skills
  2. Must be under the age of 25

Selection of Ambassadors

  1. Ambassadors will be chosen by a committee of Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff members based on the needs of the foundation and the diversity of the candidates
  2. Phone or in-office interviews may be conducted

Goals and Incentives

  • Set incentives may be established for various goal levels


Contact the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation at 662-915-7159 or email