Priority Points

The priority point system for the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation recognizes and rewards those donors who have committed to the long term success of Ole Miss Athletics. Priority points are accumulated through the following:

  • One point for every $100 donated to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation.
  • One point for every season ticket (up to 10 per year) since 1996 for football, men's and women's basketball, and baseball.
  • One point for every new member referred to join (learn more by clicking here)

For example:Donor #1 gives $2,500 to the Football Priority Seating Fund, and purchases 4 season tickets. Donor #1 will receive 25 points for the donation, in addition to 4 points for the season tickets, for a total of 29 priority points. Points are accrued over time, and these points are lifetime points that can't be lost. Therefore Donor #1 will receive 29 additional points if they continue at the same contribution level.

Priority points are how the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation rank people in terms of who gets the best seats for season tickets allocations, away games, bowl games, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, SEC Baseball Tournament, etc. Priority points will also be the determining factor on who gets what seats in the new basketball arena. Every Ole Miss Athletics Foundation member and season ticket holder has priority points, along with a priority point rank.

Priority points are updated every 1st of the month as well as before any major allocations such as NCAA Tournaments, away game tickets, Bowl tickets, etc. Points are calculated when donations are received, not pledged.

Priority Point Bonus

Looking for a priority point bump? CGAs are a great way to bump your priority points as you will receive a 25 point bonus for signing a Football or Basketball CGA. Get up to 50 points when you sign both! For more information on CGAs please click here.