Forward Together Campaign Reaches $20 Million



Sept. 21, 2011

OXFORD, Miss. -- The UMAA Foundation announced today that the Forward Together campaign for Ole Miss Athletics has reached $20 million.  

In just more than six weeks, the campaign is off to a tremendous start and, with much of the support coming through Capital Gift Agreement (CGA) commitments, continues to gain momentum.

"We have more and more CGAs coming in every day," said Danny White, Executive Director of the UMAA Foundation.    

Similar to a Personal Seat License (PSL), commonly found in professional leagues, the CGA provides donors some ownership over their seats.  With benefits like transfer rights and donation guarantees for 10 years, CGA holders acquire rights that are not common in college athletics.   

"Not only are donors eager to contribute, but I think many are realizing that the CGA affords them a number of desirable benefits," White explained.

The UMAA Foundation staff is also working diligently to reach out to donors throughout the state and beyond to promote the campaign, generate support and discuss the many opportunities to contribute.

"Since the launch of the campaign, we've seen a spike in Vaught Society gifts and received substantial increases in commitments by long-time members," said White. "In addition, we have had many conversations with individuals and corporations interested in an array of naming opportunities.  People are excited about the long-term impact of this campaign on Ole Miss Athletics."

"Throughout the last six weeks, we have received a tremendous amount of support for the campaign, not only through financial contributions, but also through folks offering words of encouragement and enthusiasm for the vision we put forth," said Pete Boone, Director of Athletics.  "People understand the impact this campaign will have on the future of our program, and they understand that facilities are critical to our efforts to compete not only in the SEC but also for national championships.  We have a long way to go, but we're extremely pleased with how far we have come in such a short time."

As September comes to a close, the UMAA Foundation is encouraging all those who have not returned their signed CGAs to take note of the October 7 early commitment deadlines.  The Loyalty Reward offers double priority points for the early commitment, while the Leadership Reward offers triple priority points for the signed CGA and full payment of the capital gift by October 7.

All those with questions about the campaign, the CGA or other ways to contribute are encouraged to contact the UMAA Foundation at 662-915-7159 or visit www.forwardtogetherrebels.com.