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Football Parking Information

Football parking is one of the premier benefits of a contribution to the Football Priority Seating Fund. Parking spaces are allocated based on availability and priority. Parking passes are offered to donors who contribute at the $2,500 level (Varsity Club) or higher. For specific donation amounts for each parking lot, please refer to the chart below.  To view the parking map, click here, or scroll down.

Rebel Club (1) Lot A, 2, B, or C
SouthZone Club (3 or more seats) (1) SouthZone Lot
SouthZone Club (2 seats) + $300 to the general football fund (1) SouthZone Lot
South Suite (4) IPF Lot passes per suite
West Skybox (2) Lot 1,3,4 or 5 passes per box
$5,000 to the general football fund (1) Lot 1,3,4, or 5 OR (2) Varsity Club passes
$3,000 - $4,999 to the general football fund (1) Lot C pass or (1) Varsity Club pass
$2,750 - $4,999 to the general football fund (1) Track Lot pass or (1) Varsity Club pass
$2,500 - $4,999 to the general football fund (1) Varsity Club pass

How To:

Retain a Season Parking Pass
Retain your current parking pass(s) by making the required donation by the deadline: April 30, 2011.

Relocate a Season Parking Pass
All parking requests must be made in writing to the UMAA Foundation to be considered for a specific lot assignment.  Please be specific in your parking request.

New Season Parking Pass
You must make the required donation for the lot you desire. Donors who are renewing the same parking will be auto allocated first, as long as the required donations have been made prior to the deadline. Parking will be allocated based on priority and availability.


Football Parking Map

Football Parking Map