Priority Points

The priority point system for the UMAA Foundation recognizes and rewards those donors who have committed to the long term success of Ole Miss Athletics. Points are given to all UMAA Foundation members and season ticket holders in football, men's basketball and baseball. One (1) point is awarded for every $100 dollars donated to the UMAA Foundation, along with an additional point (1) for each season ticket purchased for football, men's basketball, or baseball.

For example: Donor #1 gives $2,500 to the Football Priority Seating Fund, and purchases 4 season tickets. Donor #1 will receive 25 points for the donation, in addition to 4 points for the season tickets, for a total of 29 priority points. Points are accrued over time, and these points are lifetime points that can’t be lost. Therefore Donor #1 will receive 29 additional points if they continue at the same contribution level.

Priority points are how the UMAA Foundation rank people in terms of who gets the best seats for season tickets allocations, away games, bowl games, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, SEC Baseball Tournament, etc. Priority points will also be the determining factor on who gets what seats in the new basketball arena. Every UMAA Foundation member and season ticket holder has priority points, along with a priority point rank. The following is a breakdown of the active 9,700+ UMAA Foundation Members and season ticket holders that have purchased tickets or made a donation within the last 2 years (Numbers are accurate as of September 1, 2011):

Donor Rank Total Priority Points
#50 2,995
#100 2,162
#200 1,415
#350 977
#500 794
#750 605
#1,000 483
#2,000 218
#3,000 128
#4,000 82
#5,000 53
#6,000 33
#7,000 20
#8,000 10
#9,000 4

How to Look up your Priority Points and Ranking

Priority Point ranks can be found under your personal online account. To find out how many priority points you have, sign on to your online account by following the steps below:

  1. Click HERE to go to your online account sign-in page
  2. Sign in to your online account
    1. If you have registered online before, simply sign on using your e-mail address and password
    2. If you have not registered online before, follow these directions:

                                                    i.     Click on “Activate Your Account”

                                                   ii.     Enter your Account # and PIN # then click “Activate”

                                                  iii.     Register your contact information for your online account, Click “Next Step”

                                                  iv.     Verify your information and click “Yes”

  1. On the menu on the left hand portion of the screen, click on “My Account”
  2. Under ‘Manage My Tickets’ click on ‘View My Priority Points”

Within your online account you will be able to see your current priority point standing and where you rank among active members. There is also a Donation Calculator that will show you how many points you will receive for a particular donation, and what your total priority points would be after that donation.

If you have any further priority point questions, or need help accessing your online account, please call the UMAA Foundation at 662-915-7159, or email umaa@olemiss.edu.

Forward Together - Bonus Points

Loyalty and Leadership Priority Point Rewards for Capital Gift Agreement Sections

If you are in a Capital Gift Agreement (CGA) section, you have the opportunity to get double and even triple priority points with the loyalty and leadership priority point rewards. Loyalty Reward: If you sign and return your signed CGA by October 7, 2011, you will receive DOULBE points (2 points for every $100) on your entire contribution as the pledge is paid off. Leadership Reward: If you sign and pay your CGA in full by October 7, 2011, you will receive TRIPLE points (3 points for every $100) on the entire gift. These gifts are 80% tax deductible.

Forward Together Philanthropic Reward

In addition, any Five Star and/or Vaught Society contributions made to the Forward Together Campaign by October 7, 2011, will receive TRIPLE (3 points for every $100) on their gifts. These gifts are 100% tax deductible.