Catching Up With Clara Jackson

Nov. 8, 2012

Ole Miss Women's Basketball ..... Catching Up With .....

First and Last Name: Clara Jackson  

Where are you currently living? How far will you travel for the reunion? Southaven  Miss. which is about 70 miles away.

Are you currently working? Tell us about your job or current occupation. Yes. Company: JBS Auto & Diesel as the office manager.

What other sports/hobbies/activities are you interested in? I love working with children.

What do you miss the most about Ole Miss/Oxford?  My teammates.

How did you first become interested in basketball? Family members played.

What is your favorite thing about basketball? Competition.

Do you have a favorite team? LA Lakers/Ole Miss Women's Basketball.

What is your favorite memory from playing basketball at Ole Miss? The NCAA Final Eight against Penn.

Do you have any interesting stories? Yes. During one practice Coach Chancellor used every ball in two racks demonstrating how to step around and pass the ball. The trainers were running trying to recover balls to throw to coach; and then he realized he was tired and so were the trainers.  He began to laugh out of breath and said come `on gang let's step around and pass the ball. A little vague.

What is the most interesting place that you have traveled to? Tenerfie Island in Spain.





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