"Here...by Gracie"

Starting this summer and continuing throughout the season, women's basketball redshirt freshman Gracie Frizzell (Little Rock, Ark.) will be writing a blog, "Here...by Gracie," letting fans and family members know about Ole Miss women's basketball and life in Oxford and at Ole Miss.

Blog # 7

January 4, 2013

Hotty Toddy Rebel Fans!

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” –Rudyard Kipling

This team defines who it is.  We were ranked last in the SEC, with multiple critics saying that we aren’t good enough to compete in this conference, and also expressing a sense of carelessness about Ole Miss women’s basketball.  We have come together through thick and thin, and we are ready to shock the world.  This team leans on each other on and off the court for guidance in performance, academics, and life, and each of us grow daily off of each other’s hard work and perseverance on the floor.

Through all of the adversity that has been bestowed upon us, we have gained strength from each other, and our coaches, and we are fired up to continue our journey in the SEC powerhouse.  We believe in each other and ourselves to carry this team to a successful season, thriving off of effort and pride in our University to secure wins in this conference. 

If playing in the SEC was easy, anyone could do it.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to play in the best conference in America, and we will show passion in each game we play because of the love for each other and Ole Miss.  We are the Ole Miss Lady Rebels, and we are all we got, and all we need!

- G. Frizzell #12

Blog # 6

November 15, 2012

Hotty Toddy Rebel Fans!

We have had a great week of practice focusing on Friday’s game versus Northwestern State.  After defeating Southeastern Louisiana, we saw what we needed to work on, fixed it, and we are now ready to attack Northwestern State with the intensity and pace that has been instilled within us.

While preparing for the upcoming game, we focused on the things that we can control, practicing hard and correcting the mistakes that we made in the first game.  We have great leaders on the team that keep us strong and motivated, and everything starts with our seniors Maggie McFerrin and Courtney Marbra.  They have a great grip on how to lead our team in a positive direction, knocking out adversity with an iron fist and having nine other girls by their side.

As we strive to be better every day, we take one game at a time, trying to stack up each game with a “W”.  We focus on the things that we are in control of, and one of the main things that defines Ole Miss women’s basketball is playing with pride, pace, and passion.  We look forward to Friday’s game at 11 am, and having the support staff of Rebel Nation makes us more excited for the task at hand!  Let’s beat Northwestern State!

- G. Frizzell #12

Blog # 5

October 8, 2012

Hotty Toddy Rebel fans!

I am excited to say that we are less than one month away from our first game!  We have been working so hard trying to push through the wall of fatigue to become in the best shape of our lives.  Coach Wiggins and his staff have done a great job in teaching us the ways to succeed in the SEC by learning his up-tempo offense and his tenacious defense.  In this program we want to become a dominant force in the SEC, hang banners, and become legendary.  As a team, we feel like Coach Wiggins and his staff has the ability to take us there. 

Recently, we have been reaching out to the community by participating in Reading with the Rebels at Bramlett Elementary School, and also working with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club on skills and drills in the athletics department’s first Move Mississippi clinic teaching about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.  It is such a blessing being able to work with today’s youth, not only because it touches their lives, but it is also so rewarding for us.

As we approach November 9th, we strive to be better every day.  We work constantly on the concepts that Coach Wiggins wants to establish in this program.  The NEW Ole Miss Women’s Basketball program is focused around defense and the dribble drive offense, always staying fast and competitive.  As for me, I am working hard every day to help my teammates in any way that I can, trying to make this team better.  We look forward to starting the 2012-2013 women’s basketball season against Southeastern Louisiana!

Are you ready?

- G. Frizzell #12 

Blog # 4

September 8, 2012

Hotty Toddy Rebel fans!

As we move further along in the fall semester, our team is improving mentally and physically, and our skill set is on the rise.  We are in individuals three days a week, which are groups of four learning the offense, defense, and also improving on our fundamentals, conditioning three days a week, and weights three days a week.  We are excited to show our fans and Rebel Nation what the NEW Ole Miss Women’s Basketball team has to bring to the table. 

In each individual workout, the coaches want us to compete and bring energy at the highest level, so when March comes around we stay healthy, fast, and know that we are an NCAA tournament team.  We Lady Rebels enjoy going to the gym and working with our coaches every day, not only because of the support and confidence that they instill in us, but also because they are a group that wants to win and fight for our program.

This offseason, we have been working on every aspect of the game, nutritionally, physically, therapeutically, and psychologically.  We have met with our Sports Dietitian, Dr. Melinda Valliant, about how to eat clean and fuel our bodies, and also Dr. Josie Nicholson, who works with the psychological aspect of our game because as a team we want to stay healthy and be prepared in every way for this 2012-2013 season.  Ole Miss Women’s Basketball is going to be different this year but positive ways.  We are pursuing greatness on and off the basketball court by changing lives in the community, working hard in the classroom and representing this university.

- G. Frizzell #12

Blog #3

August 15, 2012

Hotty Toddy Rebel fans!

The 2012-2013 school year is something to look forward to if you are involved in Ole Miss Athletics.  The student-athletes and the Ole Miss Athletics staff are dedicated to making our programs succeed and become a dominant school within the Southeastern Conference. I know Coach Freeze and the Ole Miss Football Rebels have been working hard during two-a-days this summer, and they are ready and waiting for September 1.  As a football fan, I am excited to see what the new energy has done for our team.  It’s about time to put on my Sunday’s best and head out to the Grove!

But, I am also excited for the “New” Ole Miss that Coach Wiggins and his staff have to bring.  The energy they put forward calls for success and nothing less.  We start working in groups when school starts, and I look forward to a new beginning…praying to stay healthy and injury free!

Potential: existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality.

The thing that I hope we accomplish this year is to be able to use our potential, or capability, to establish a winning women’s basketball program here at Ole Miss.  Using our potential, by working hard and getting in the gym, is something that’s expected from us ladies.  Throughout the summer, we have been getting in shape and working hard, and I am ready to see hard work start paying off. 

This year brings a lot of anticipation and excitement, and it calls for a Hotty Toddy chant every now and then!  It’s great to be a Rebel isn’t it? So let me ask you this Rebel fans…ARE YOU READY?

We, the women’s basketball Team, are READY… We are Ready for the new school year, for football and tailgates, and most of all we are Ready to compete!

- G. Frizzell #12

Blog #2

July 12, 2012

Hotty Toddy Rebel Fans!

How awesome it is to be a Rebel?!  It’s the start of the second summer session, but only the beginning for a great NEW year for the NEW Ole Miss women’s basketball team.  We have all of our troops assembled, and we are ready to attack the 2012-2013 season with grit, fire, and intensity. 

As we began playing pickup this week, I noticed that this year we are going to have multiple players that can attack and score, and a deeper bench to help us stay fast on the floor.  With only two more weeks left in summer school, we are using this opportunity to work hard to get our bodies well conditioned and trained for this season, but also working on our skills to make this program a contender again.   

Playing in the SEC is by no means easy.  In such a resilient conference, it takes skill, technique, basketball IQ, and the willingness to get better.  As a team, we want to win not only for us, but for our fans and Ole Miss.  We have such a talented team with such great potential.  It’s time for our potential to be turned into achievement … for good to become great. 

It’s time for Ole Miss women’s basketball to be a powerhouse in the Southeastern Conference once again.  Starting this year, it’s a new attitude, a new commitment, and a NEW Ole Miss.  It’s time for hard work to pay off and for dreams to become reality.

- G. Frizzell #12

Blog #1

June 20, 2012

Hotty Toddy Rebel Fans!

The first session of summer school is drawing to a close, but with that comes understanding that the first day of practice is drawing nearer...

"It's great to be a Rebel." Ever since I showed up here a year ago for my first experience of being at Ole Miss, I have heard how great it is to be a Rebel. It was really hard for me last year to get the full gist of how great it really was with my knee injury, but going through summer workouts and enduring preparation for what's to come is proving to me that I am lucky to be where I am.

Summer school is always a lot of fun, not only because classes are only two hours a day, but also because I have a lot of time to be able to get in the gym, workout, AND go shopping and hit the pool. Coach D, (Randall Dorvin) our strength coach, has really stepped up in teaching not only technique and agility, but also the mentality of what it takes to be an Ole Miss Rebel.

As a team, we are thankful for what is to come. It's not going to be easy...but what's the point of doing something if it's too easy? We thrive off of competition and the willingness to succeed.

In July, we get to meet our new teammates! We are excited to extend open arms to the newest members of our Rebel family. This team has always been close...like a sisterhood. We support each other on and off the court, and we will treat these newcomers the exact same way.

It's such a blessed opportunity to be here at Ole Miss. To be able to play basketball and get an education is the dream of many...it's great to be a student-athlete, and it's great to be a Rebel.

- G. Frizzell #12