Insell Postgame Quotes

Feb. 2, 2014


Ole Miss Head Coach Matt Insell

 On the game …
“We didn’t do very well offensively. There were a lot of things that went wrong in today’s game. We didn’t get out in transition. They were sending three back in transition to slow us down. Other teams have done that too and didn’t slow us down, but it worked today.”

On the effort in today's game ...
“We base everything we do off energy and effort. We didn’t have either the energy or the effort we need to be successful. That’s why the games we’ve been in, we had high energy and effort. We’ll go back to practice on Tuesday and figure out why we didn’t have that.”

On defense …
“We did a good job on Jaterra Bonds by containing her and keeping her in front of us. Florida has a good team and has other players that can play though.  We slowed Bonds down, but let Bannister get 18 points, Lewis get 19 points and Svete 12 points. You can’t do that if you are going to beat a good team.”






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