Locker Room Chat with Rifle Newcomers
Sept. 22, 2017

OXFORD, Miss. -- Ole Miss Rifle is proud to announce and welcome seven newcomers to the 2017-18 roster.  Learn more about two of the newcomers in today’s locker room chat.

Freshman Sophia Cuozzo, joined the Rebels from Orange, Connecticut. Cuozzo, an integrated marketing communications major, and former participant of the 2015 NRA National Smallbore Championship Iron Sight Team and the 2015 Randle Team, said Ole Miss is home. 

“I just really love the campus here,” Cuozzo said. “Right away I felt at home. Everyone was so polite and open to meeting new people. Everyone at FedEx are truly amazing at what they do and I feel like I have the support to be successful in college.”

Cuozzo is expecting to push herself outside of her comfort zone this season and explains that with head coach Marsha Beasley and new assistant coach Jean-Pierre (JP) Lucas , she is ready to prove her spot on the team. 

“As freshmen, we’re pushing ourselves more than people expect us to because we want to prove ourselves and our place on the team. I want to push my myself to be the best possible version of myself and Emily’s like that as well. I'm more introverted, so I’m excited to meet new people and experience things outside of my comfort zone.”

Freshman Emily Cock, joins the Rebels from Silverton, Oregon. A nine-time Oregon State Champion, seven-time National Junior Olympic competitor and radiology major, Cock said she doesn’t regret choosing Ole Miss.  

“When I came on my initial visit, I got to meet a lot of people,” Cock said. “I quickly realized that there was no way you couldn’t succeed at Ole Miss. You have so many resources, not just as a student but as an athlete. I wanted to go somewhere where I’d get better and where I’d succeed in the classroom too, and Ole Miss was the best place to do that.”

Cock and Cuozzo are looking forward to helping Ole Miss make the NCAA Championships and are excited to have JP Lucas as their assistant coach. 

 “JP’s awesome. Everybody loves JP,”Cock said. “In the two weeks, he’s been involved with us, he’s helped me a lot.. He’s so aware of the sport and how things work.” 

 “He is very technical and intelligent when it comes to shooting,” Cuozzo said. “Some shooters know how to shoot but don’t know how to teach others how to do it because they don't really pay attention to how they do it. You can tell JP knows what he’s talking about.”

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