Homecoming at Ole Miss

Homecoming in Oxford
The town of Oxford welcomes the Ole Miss Homecoming parade to its streets every fall.

Homecoming at Ole Miss was formed as a weekend when alumni would reunite on the Oxford campus. It wasn't until 1924 that the Homecoming weekend became centered around a Rebel football game.

November 22, 1924, is recognized as the first official Homecoming football celebration at Ole Miss. On that day, the Rebels defeated Mississippi College 10-6. Since then, the Homecoming football game and Homecoming weekend have been an annual event at Ole Miss.

Homecoming is a tradition on nearly every collegiate campus. At Ole Miss, it holds a special place in the hearts of all University alumni and current students.

In 1928, the University students felt it a privilege to invite all former graduates back to the Ole Miss grounds.

"We bid hearty welcome to the alumni on the campus today," wrote J.P. Dale, the editor of The Mississippian. "It is always a pleasure for the student body to receive you, and to attempt to make you feel at home here as of yore. There are many ties that bind the old grad to his Alma Mater, but the greatest of all the ties, and the one lasting tie, is that feeling of love and veneration of the traditions of Ole Miss."

Homecoming weekend at Ole Miss is always a festive one. The first Homecoming parade is believed to have taken place in 1930. That year, students held a pep rally followed by a huge bonfire where freshmen dressed in pajamas and joined the Ole Miss marching band as the procession continued on toward downtown.

The Homecoming parade, which has a wide range of participants from the University, still takes place today with the help of the Oxford community. The University celebrates by inducting five new members into the Ole Miss Alumni Hall of Fame. It also honors tradition by selecting a Homecoming Queen and her court. Most every year, the Homecoming Queen and the Alumni Association President appear on the front cover of the official Ole Miss football gameday program.

All-Time Homecoming Results Won 66, Lost 14, Tied 2

Nov. 22, 1924Mississippi College10-6
Nov. 21, 1925Southwestern31-0
Oct. 16, 1926Loyola (Chicago)13-7
Nov. 5, 1927LSU12-7
Nov. 3, 1928Clemson26-7
Nov. 2, 1929Sewanee6-6
Oct. 18, 1930Sewanee7-13
Nov. 7, 1931Sewanee0-7
Nov. 12, 1932Sewanee27-6
Oct. 21, 1933Sewanee41-0
Oct. 27, 1934Sewanee19-6
Oct. 19, 1935Florida27-6
Oct. 24, 1936Catholic University14-0
Oct. 9, 1937St. Louis University21-0
Oct. 22, 1938Centenary47-14
Oct. 21, 1939St. Louis University42-0
Oct. 19, 1940Duquesne14-6
Oct. 4, 1941Southwestern27-0
Oct. 19, 1946Louisiana Tech6-7
Sept. 20, 1947Kentucky14-7
Oct. 9, 1948Vanderbilt20-7
Oct. 1, 1949Kentucky0-47
Oct. 7, 1950Boston College54-0
Oct. 20, 1951Tulane25-6
Nov. 1, 1952LSU28-0
Oct. 10, 1953Vanderbilt28-6
Oct. 16, 1954Tulane34-7
Oct. 22, 1955Arkansas17-7
Oct. 13, 1956Vanderbilt16-0
Nov. 9, 1957LSU14-12
Nov. 8, 1958Houston56-7
Oct. 17, 1959Tulane53-7
Oct. 29, 1960LSU6-6
Oct. 28, 1961Vanderbilt47-0
Oct. 6, 1962*Houston40-7
Oct. 26, 1963Vanderbilt27-7
Oct. 3, 1964Houston31-9
Oct. 9, 1965Florida0-17
Oct. 15, 1966Southern Miss14-7
Oct. 21, 1967Southern Miss23-14
Oct. 19, 1968Southern Miss21-13
Oct. 18, 1969Southern Miss69-7
Nov. 7, 1970Houston24-13
Oct. 23, 1971Vanderbilt28-7
Oct. 21, 1972Florida0-16
Oct. 27, 1973Vanderbilt24-14
Oct. 19, 1974South Carolina7-10
Oct. 11, 1975Georgia28-13
Oct. 9, 1976Georgia21-17
Oct. 22, 1977Vanderbilt26-14
Oct. 14, 1978Kentucky17-24
Oct. 27, 1979Vanderbilt63-28
Oct. 18, 1980Florida3-15
Oct. 24, 1981Vanderbilt23-27
Oct. 16, 1982Texas Christian27-9
Oct. 22, 1983Vanderbilt21-14
Sept. 29, 1984Tulane19-14
Oct. 26, 1985Vanderbilt35-7
Oct. 18, 1986Southwestern Louisiana21-20
Oct. 24, 1987Vanderbilt42-14
Nov. 5, 1988Tulane9-14
Oct. 28, 1989Vanderbilt24-16
Oct. 20, 1990Arkansas State42-13
Oct. 26, 1991Vanderbilt27-30
Nov. 7, 1992Memphis State17-12
Nov. 13, 1993Northern Illinois44-0
Oct. 29, 1994LSU34-21
Oct. 28, 1995Vanderbilt21-10
Nov. 16, 1996LSU7-39
Sept. 27, 1997Vanderbilt15-3
Oct. 24, 1998Arkansas State30-17
Oct. 9, 1999Tulane20-13
Oct. 28, 2000UNLV43-40 (OT)
Oct. 20, 2001Middle Tennessee45-17
Oct. 12, 2002Arkansas State52-17
Oct. 11, 2003Arkansas State55-0
Oct. 2, 2004Arkansas State28-21
Oct. 8, 2005The Citadel27-7
Oct. 7, 2006Vanderbilt17-10
Oct. 6, 2007Louisiana Tech24-0
Oct. 4, 2008South Carolina24-31
Oct. 17, 2009UAB48-13




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