Diamond Club

The Diamond Club at Oxford-University Stadium is one of College Baseball's most exciting premium seating venues.  The Diamond club is the perfect place to gather with family and friends to enjoy the sights, sounds and pageantry of Ole Miss Baseball. 


  • Exclusive, climate controlled indoor concourse with elevator access
  • Complimentary catering and beverages
  • Ample indoor seating and flat screen televisions
  • Individual lockers for personal items
  • Outdoor chair-back seating with cup holders and expanded leg room

Season Tickets in the Diamond Club require an annual donation of $1,500 per-seat (which includes the cost of the season ticket).  There is also a $250 first year per-seat buy-in.

Seats are available in the Diamond club for the 2012 Baseball season. To join the Diamond Club, or for more information, email umaa@olemiss.edu or call us at 662-915-7159.

Infield Box Seating

This section offers the closest seats to the actions with seats location around and behind home plate. These seats were sold out during the 2011 season, so please call the UMAA Foundation to inquire about seating availability. Infield box seats require an annual donation of $500 per-seat (which includes the cost of the season ticket). There is also a $100 first year per-seat buy-in.

Outfield Box Seating

This section of seats runs down the 1st and 3rd base lines into the outfield, giving you clear views down each base path. Outfield Box seats are available fore the 2012 Baseball season. The annual donation for Outfield box seating is $350 per-seat (which includes the cost of the ticket). 

Grandstand Seats

Grandstand Sections D-L

This section of seats provides optimum viewing from behind and around home plate. A per-seat donation is required along with the purchase of the season ticket. The baseball priority seating fund will have a high renewal rate, especially in the preferred seating areas. We strongly recommend that you contribute more than the minimum amount per-seat to obtain the seating location you desire. There is no way to know exactly what donation amount is needed to obtain a specific location. All new seating is dependent on what seats are not renewed and where the donor's priority ranks them in the allocation list. Remember, your donation is a contribution first and foremost. A seating request must be made in writing to the UMAA Foundation or to the Athletics Ticket Office.

Grandstand Sections A-C & M-O

Tickets are available in these sections for the 2012 Baseball season. The season ticket cost is $125, and can be ordered online, or by calling the ticket office at 662-915-7159 (then press 1).

 Interactive Seating Map